Natural Solutions to Over The Counter Pain Relievers

A lot of mainstream doctors suggest ibuprofen or aspirin for managing chronic pain and inflammation. While these pain relievers have their place, Americans tend to overuse them. We often take over the counter drugs for minor aches and pains that could be solved naturally. There are also unwanted side effects that go along with these drugs including sleep issues, digestive disturbance, and more. Most importantly, when you take an over the counter drug for minor or chronic pain, the drug masks the symptom instead of solving the problem. Here are some natural tools to try before you take a drug.

Water - If you’re suffering from a headache or stiff joints, ask yourself, “When is the last time I had water?” Water is an excellent way to flush your system of toxins and keep your brain and joints hydrated and working well.

Fresh Air - Tense and achy muscles, stiff neck, headaches, and joint pain might be a message from your body telling you it’s time to step away from work, the computer or tv and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Bodies respond well to nature. Be sure you have a little time outdoors every day. Allow yourself to take deep cleansing breaths, another tool to clear your body of tension and toxins. If you absolutely cannot leave your desk, at least put a sunny image or nature photo on your computer screen or in your office.

Movement - Movement is another way that your body processes and eliminates toxins. Have you ever noticed that if you lay around when you’re not feeling well, you often wind up feeling worse? Be sure to move your body every hour. Take a walk, stretch your arms and legs, dance, do whatever feels good to your body! Tip: If you work 8 hours a day at a desk and take a 5-minute movement break every hour, that equals 40 minutes of moving. And, you may not even need an afternoon nap. 😉

Castor Oil Packs - When a castor oil pack is placed on the skin, it increases circulation and improves blood flow. This is similar to the effects of acupuncture without needles. This age-old remedy promotes healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. Get step-by-step instructions on how to make an external use castor oil pack here:

Essential Oils - These are compounds extracted from plants. Many plants have healing properties which are chemically redesigned into mass-produced medications that mimic the properties of the plant. Why not try the natural solution first? Some popular oils often used for pain relief include wintergreen, peppermint, cypress, turmeric, black pepper oil (pictured above), and Boswellia (commonly known as frankincense). A product I often recommend to my clients with arthritis, muscle aches and pains, minor injuries and even toothaches, is Tei Fu. This product from Nature’s Sunshine includes a combination of plant essences and comes in both oil and lotion form.

Herbs and Natural Supplements - If you prefer your pain relief to come in a capsule some herbs and supplements that may support you include turmeric root, willow bark, Boswellia extract, rutin, Phellodendron bark, mangosteen pericarp, and Andrographis. A naturopath can provide body chemistry testing to determine which herbs will work best for you.

If you are experiencing serious chronic pain, you should see a physician. If you’d like to stick to natural options for minor aches and pains, especially if they are chronic, it may be helpful for you to have an assessment from a naturopathic professional. The Divine Health Naturally healing comprehensive package includes:

  • Thorough health history and exam

  • Full body organ and gland assessment and balancing

  • Comprehensive biofeedback scan

  • 11 Parameter Urinalysis testing

  • Food sensitivities evaluation

  • Urine and Saliva testing

  • Nutritional Microscopy evaluation of live and dried blood cells.

  • Follow up visit (to be used within two weeks of initial appointment)

Using all of the data collected during the initial visit, you'll receive a customized program for your specific needs. This is very helpful in determining which supplements, oils, and natural treatments will work best with your individual needs and body chemistry. This information can avoid frustration and wasted money on expensive vitamins and over the counter choices that don’t work well for you. Allow two hours for your first appointment. Click here to learn more and schedule your appointment:

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Tracie Yautz is both a trained naturopath and medical intuitive. She sees clients in Pittsburgh and Harmony, Pennsylvania in the North East United States. Click here to learn more about her services and to schedule an appointment.