Brokenness often comes before Greatness. When I came to Tracie I had definitely hit the bottom and I felt broken. Eight years of dermatologists, steroids, doctors, and antibiotics, I was still covered in eczema, constantly fatigued, and hormonally out of balance. With Tracie's tests, guidance, dietary changes, and positive words I do not feel broken anymore. I feel ALIVE and very close to GREATNESS! 
- busy wife and mother of two

I am 32 years old, and have been  dealing with fungal and EBV-like symptoms since my son was born 2 1/2 years ago. I have done  different natural programs, worked with 4 different natural doctors, and have spent nearly $15,000 on various consultations, supplements, IV therapies, and an IR sauna. I tried everything, or so I had thought. I had gotten marginally better after all that time and effort. A family member had seen Tracie, and had seen improvements with their health, so I thought...why not give it a try? I was impressed after the first time I spoke with her.  

She was the only person I talked to that really listened to me, and was able to come up with an immediate plan of action. She put me on a supplement, in particular that I know has helped me. I was so frustrated that after all of my research and time spent with doctors, I had never heard of it before! I've been working with Tracie for 3 months as a distant client and I feel so incredible! I still have lots of things to work on, but I know she will be able to get me there. I really appreciate Tracie's knowledge and passion for helping others. I wish I had  met her a long time ago! Thank you, Tracie. You have changed my life!
- A.Z. chemist, long distance client

Ever since I can remember I had colds, flu, yeast infections, I felt achy, blue and TIRED! Numerous doctor visits, tests and blood work diagnosed I was fine and was put on antibiotics and antidepressants. I didn’t feel much better and hated the side effects. I looked for another answer. Tracie said my adrenals were overworked and that too many antibiotics caused the yeast infections.  Finally, I found someone who understood and helped me!! I’ve also had bouts of acid reflux and had arthritis. Tracie worked on my adrenals and infections with supplements and probiotics. She said my reflux and arthritis was food related and also caused by years of anxiety, stress and worry. I have now changed my diet. I have eliminated offending foods, take digestive enzymes and have had several sessions of emotional healing. Relief at last! With Tracie’s guidance I have energy, a more positive outlook, can exercise, have less achiness and lost six pounds!! My husband and son are also clients. We have all experienced remarkable improvements.Having good health is now a family affair and we are all reaping the benefits. We are all healthier AND happier!!  Thanks, Tracie!!!

-  Mother & Grandmother

I have worked with Divine Health Naturally LLC for over the course of a year. The professionalism and personal care provided for total health and well-being has delivered incredible results. I have found that my focus and staying the course is an important factor.  Tracie Yautz’s ability to determine the best course of action and her dedication to my well-being professionally results in being a much healthier and stronger person, both mentally and physically. This is a life time commitment to yourself and a program. You have an opportunity to be all you can be, live healthy and feel good your yourself. Take that opportunity!

- maintenance worker, long distance client

I began my journey into natural health to help diagnosis and treat hormonal imbalances, clarity of skin and digestion issues. We first began with a whole health consultation. I found this to be very informative and also enlightening. I was educated on how foods that I ingest and toxins from my job can affect my physical and mental health.  Let me say that I was not an unhealthy person. I just needed some direction towards a healthier lifestyle for my family and myself.  With the diagnosis of low progesterone levels, intestinal and bowel irritation, I was started on a regimen of enzymes to repair my intestinal tract, detox my bowels and regulate my progesterone levels.  I have felt a complete improvement.  Within less than six months, my intestines and bowel have strengthened and improved for better digestion with less indigestion. I no longer have to take the enzymes for those symptoms. My progesterone levels are balanced by one enzyme three times a day. I have more regular periods, less mood swings and cramping. The clarity of my skin has improved immensely from diet changes, leveling of my progesterone levels and also a detox of my bowels.

Nutritional health was another topic we discussed in my consultation.  With just a few minor adjustments in my diet and one major one; eliminating dairy, I was able to strengthen my own body, eliminate fatigue and lack of motivation. I have to say that I have not cut dairy out completely, but limit my intake and I see a vast improvement. I have also limited my intake of breads and pastas.  What a significant improvement it has made!  When I do eat these things, I feel sluggish and bloated. Eating for your blood type was also helpful on what foods I may be able to digest easier and what foods to avoid.  

I have recently received Emotional Healing sessions to balance stress and negative energy. One treatment released the negative energy along with other emotions causing my imbalance.  I highly recommend this service to help maintain a healthy mental health.  I was educated on how different energy from others can affect my own, while learning techniques to balance my own energy.

Tracie is motivating, inspiring and educating about whole and natural healing.  She does “NOT” overload you with information or judgment because of your lifestyle.  She will walk with you on your journey to a healthier you and encourage you on your path.  I highly recommend her services and will continue mine for a lifetime.

Thank you Tracie. You truly are an amazing, talented and intelligent person.

-Hairdresser, Mom of 2

My experiences working with Tracie Yautz have all been very positive. She is extremely thorough; she takes the time to listen and works with you as a team member to collaborate what the best solution is for you. It’s great having such a friendly and considerate provider. - L.D.

I consider Tracie my health consultant.  Whenever I have a health issue, I seek her guidance in solving the issue.  I have experienced numerous years of digestive problems.  When I explain the problem, she listens intently and calls me back with a solution.  Often the supplements she recommends will eliminate the problem.  Sometimes the problem needs further investigative work. She is always kind and always helpful.

-long distance client

Tracie goes well out of her way to care for her clients.  She is really sympathetic to the aches and pains you have.  I know, I have called many times with questions and concerns about my own problems or a need in my family and she has been able to fit me in or tend to my needs over the phone.  For that, to me, is good patient care!  I appreciate the calm surroundings that her office gives as well. She makes you feel that you are the most important person that has walked into her office that day.  I will continue to praise her name to others because its not just a quick fix with her…it’s a total body fix so the problem doesn’t arise again….if you are willing to change habits through nutrition and or vitamins or minerals.  Tracie Yautz is the one to see!  She doesn’t ask anything from you that she is not willing to do herself. - Organic Farmer

Tracie was wonderful to work with and really made me feel comfortable talking about my health concerns.  Growing up around natural health components made the choice to use Tracie easy, but I was beyond happy with the process Tracie used to help get to the root issues and come up with a treatment plan!  No one else has ever been this thorough or perceptive!

She is thorough and very knowledgeable!  Her bedside manner is amazing and is beyond what you could ever possibly see anywhere else.

She is wonderful with follow though – whether it be sending me my needed refills or checking to see how I am doing.

I am so thankful that my family and I made the decision to see Tracie.  We are definitely healthier and happier because of it.

- Wedding Planner, Mom

Tracie is wonderfully knowledgeable, attentive and efficient in her approach to helping me with my health issues.  She has helped me to identify digestive issues related to my lack of energy and loss of sleep.  I have felt better than I have in years and am able to hold down a full time job after working only part time for 12 years.  Thank you Tracie! - Accountant

Having Crohn’s Disease, I have had trouble with my bowels for many years.  Tracie has been able to provide me with the knowledge and the natural enzymes to get my digestive system working better for me!
My family loves Tracie!  She has helped most of my family with a range of different issues like headaches, anxiety, basal cells, acne, knee issues and just plan dealing with aging issues.  She takes her time with each of us to get to the root of the issue and then does her best to give us a treatment that works fast and efficient. - D.H.

I went to see Tracie because I was feeling sluggish and fatigued. With a few simple diet and lifestyle changes Tracie helped me to get my body back to a healthy and vibrant state. I am also a holistic wellness practitioner and I trust her with my health fully! She is highly trained and effective at what she does, while having a soft and supportive nature. Thank you so much Tracie! - Yoga Instructor, Wellness Practitioner

Our entire family is benefiting from the treatment we’ve received through Divine Health Naturally.  Tracie has a natural demeanor that immediately puts you at ease.  She listens, never hurried and always without judgement, to our concerns taking each one and fitting the pieces together to find the root cause of the problem.  We are always amazed at how the interconnected functions of the body make us both sick and healthy–and how Tracie see those connections and then equips us with the knowledge to get back to healthy!

Through changing our diet and unhealthy habits, Tracie has guided us toward better health.  Allergies, constipation, stomach aches, hormonal issues and congestion are improving or have disappeared entirely. And feeling physically better means feeling emotionally better too!  Anxiety and other emotions that caused us stress are disappearing and more easily dealt with. As we try to raise four healthy kids, we feel like Tracie has come alongside us on this journey.

Schoolteacher, Mom of 4