Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Painful Emotions

You probably already know that it's best not to bury your feelings. In fact, we never try and avoid happiness or joy, but often, when we have been hurt, betrayed, disappointed, or find ourselves in a situation of grief, we tend to repress these emotions and avoid feeling them. 

When avoided, emotions and feelings remain in your physical body and can contribute to physical issues such as pain, anxiety, sleep issues, headaches, rash, and sometimes even more serious illnesses. 

If you find yourself in a moment of emotional pain, allow yourself to "feel it and heal it". Emotions are the body's way to process feelings.  If you have felt sad for an extended period of time, it's important to ask for professional guidance. But, for most situations, don't be afraid to cry, be sad or feel grief. The process is often not as long or painful as we dread.

If you find yourself with deeply buried emotions, even if they are from years ago, or you don't remember them, these emotions can still be processed and released. 

Here are some ways that we address emotional blocks at Divine Health Naturally:

  • Nerve Energy Alignment Technique

  • Chromotherapy Goggles

  • Flower Essences

  • Essential Oils

Because each individual has a different chemical makeup and vastly different life experiences/traumas, these options are selected for your unique needs and situation. Through body testing, we'll determine the appropriate option for your specific needs. 

Another tool for handling emotional stress and trauma is EVOX. Ask for more information about this service and if it is an option for you. Emotional Restoration appointments are $65 per session and can be done alone or in combination with a wellness or follow up visit. Most individuals experience results in 1-3 sessions. 

Not sure what solution you need? Give us a call at 724.355.9049 and we'll help determine what would best help you reach your health goals.


"Feelings buried alive never die"  —Karol Truman

To stay vital, healthy and avoid dis-ease, you need to process negative emotions. Here's to your Divine Health...NATURALLY.